Seattle’s Seafair: 2016 Schedule and the Best Ways to Enjoy the Show

When I first moved to Seattle, I heard the term Seafair thrown around like it was an additional season that only Seattle enjoyed. No one dared explain it to me, but everyone agreed it was awesome. Now, I’ve come to realize Seafair very much means Seattle summer is in full effect (#SeafairIsSummer), and the entire festival is hard to sum up because it entails community events, movie night and other gatherings all summer long. However, it’s culminating this weekend! Enjoy the most anticipated weekend in Seattle like a true Seattlite.

There’s only one rule to Seafair: get on a boat.
Preferably one that plans on tying up to the logboom in Lake Washington. Ok, maybe that’s not the goal for everyone, and checking out the airshow from various parks and beaches is a great Plan B, but Plan A should always be to get out on the water. It’s a  marathon, not a sprint. Boats tie up all day long so passengers can catch some rays, meet the neighbors, play in the lake and have a prime view of the air and water events. My memories from last year will last a lifetime, and so will yours if you get out on the water this year.

Plan C is to take high ground. You’re sure to have or know someone with a rooftop deck. Hang there all day and you will most certainly catch a glimpse of the action.

The Seafair air official website has a full listing of all events across all locations, but the most anticipated and exciting need-to-knows are:

  • The Navy Blue Angels are performing daily over Lake Washington (keep in mind this may mean highway closures, especially on I-90) from 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Friday through Sunday
  • The Albert Lee Cup Hydroplane Races have the first heat starting Saturday at 11:30am, with continuous testing and racing throughout the day and Sunday
  • “Fleet Week and the Boeing Maritime Celebration” means the port will be filled with various military ships (which you can even tour!) and a variety of spectator boats all weekend long




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