4 Fulfilling Hikes within 1 Hour from Seattle

When you’re in the middle of the rainy season, you can’t always bring yourself to travel 2+ hours for a good hike. I get it, and I hear you. Sunny days are still few and far between, so here are four beautiful hikes to get your outside fix without spending the whole day in transit. They have great views, moderate elevation, and are perfect for … Continue reading 4 Fulfilling Hikes within 1 Hour from Seattle

Washington Snowshoeing for Beginners

This is more a less a how-to on snowshoeing in Washington. I’ve gone once, so I’m claiming to be an expert like the rest of the internet. In all seriousness though, snowshoeing is easy! Easier than you think. It’s quick to learn, fun, and accessible for just about anyone in any snowy place. I had a great time renting snowshoes and taking to the powder for a few hours this month in Snoqualamie at Gold Creek Pond. Here’s how I did it, what I learned, and the advice I’d give to other newbies. Continue reading Washington Snowshoeing for Beginners

A Snowy Attempt at New Mailbox Peak

As you can guess by the title we didn’t make it to the top, where sits a colorful mailbox full of hiking treasures. We could blame it on the weather, but really we were ill prepared and misguided. The New Mailbox Peak Hiking Trail isn’t a walk in the park, but the views we did see left an impression that will have us returning for a true ascent soon. Grab your crampons and buckle up for some serious adventure. Continue reading A Snowy Attempt at New Mailbox Peak

Franklin Falls: Washington’s Unofficial “Most-Instagrammed” Waterfall

You’ve seen the photos—Washington’s unofficial “most-Instagrammed” waterfall—and you wonder if it’s really all that cool. Franklin Falls is a photographer’s dream. A wild and tall falls just a quick 30 min walk to and fro, that’s suitable for absolutely any age and capability (read: very easy). It’s worth walking to in the rain or snow, and I’m looking forward to getting back there when it’s frozen. Continue reading Franklin Falls: Washington’s Unofficial “Most-Instagrammed” Waterfall