What is Where in Washington?

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Home sweet home.

I’m thrilled to call Washington state my new home. After a stint (all of my childhood and early 20s) in the Midwest, I’ve finally followed my heart to find my perfect home. Not an easy feat, but moving all your belongings across the country is worth it if you know that you’ve found the right place.

Home Sweet Home


I’ve found the right place. Seattle is a perfect blend of warm summers and temperate winters, land and sea, big city and small town. Compared to Cleveland it’s a thriving metropolis. Compared to Chicago it’s a quaint little village. But any comparison really isn’t worth the time, because nowhere I’ve been has really compared.

And that’s why I’m starting this project.

I’m new to Seattle, and I’m crazy about everything in the city and beyond. I’m starting Where in Washington to give locals, visitors, and recent transplants alike a guide to the state. It’s a lot of hiking mountains, a little exploring new towns, and a bunch of food, drink and shopping recommendations.

I hope it’s useful. If nothing else it should be a fun read. I hope it inspires you to visit Washington, or better yet, move here. Wherever you go in Washington, 20 bucks you’ll love it.


Twitter: @whereinwa
Instagram: @whereinwashington

4 thoughts on “What is Where in Washington?

  1. Hello Emma. I was born and raised in the sane house near the WA coast and now I live a little closer to Seattle. I commute to Olympia for work and love it here so much. Your perspective is fresh and that is what I like most. I just found WordPress and started blogging, but I found you through Instagram. I have been taking nature photos here all my life so I started playing them on Instagram and found out a few are a hit. If you ever wanted to go out with a local let me know.


  2. I’m loving your blog so far! The idea, the pictures, article layout, etc. I’m also a semi recent (two years flew by) transplant to Washington State from the east coast and I literally never get tired of exploring here. Hiking has also become a favorite activity of mine since moving here! Anyway I just wanted to say I look forward to following along, cheers!

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